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Hartrampf Chair Fund

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Dr. Hartrampf

Hartrampf Chair Fund

Dr. Hartrampf has dedicated his life to Plastic Surgery helping thousands of women with breast cancer using a technique he invented nearly 50 years ago, the TRAM Flap, to reconstruct a woman’s breast with a simultaneous abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”. Furthermore, by teaching this technique to thousands of plastic surgeons around the world through the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SESPRS), Dr Hartrampf has helped hundreds of thousands of women feel better about themselves after breast cancer.

Dr. Hartrampf has generously and selflessly given to his patients and his students in Plastic Surgery. In order to recognize a true pioneer, the SESPRS has set up a Hartrampf Chair Fund in Plastic Surgery. The Hartrampf Chair Fund has been established to collect funds, which will eventually be used to establish a chair in plastic surgery in Dr. Hartrampf’s name, intended to support a plastic surgeon interested in breast reconstruction and research.

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Mohamad Alghoul

Virginia Almand

Sonia Alvarez

Mark Anton

Jean Astrop

Rosie Atkins

Michael Beasley

Kristine Bennett

Michelle Bonness

Jane Bostwick

Brad Calobrace

Laurie Casas

Newton & Jacqueline Clark

Mr. & Mrs. G.S. Clinkscales, Jr.

Fred Codner

Mark & Jane Codner

Jorge de la Torre

Lisa DiFrancesco

Florence Dodge

Dr. David Drake

Deason Dunagan

Frank Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Elsas

Thomas Earnhardt

Leo Farrell

Axel Feller

Harry Foster

The Sledge Foundation

John Foust

Stephan Finical

Dr. Leonard Furlow

Alston Glenn

Braun Graham

Holcombe T. Green, Jr.

Mary Katherine Greene

James Grotting

Kevin Hagan

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Haines

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Jonn Hardman

Carl & Pat Hartrampf

John Hartrampf

Mr. & Mrs. William Hartrampf, Jr.

Mr & Mrs. Ben Hill

Ellen Hoffman

Marilyn Hoffman

G. Eli Howell

Scott Hultman

AJ Jain

Dana Jennings

Ronald Johnson

Loree Kalliainen

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar McGinnis

Keller Medical

Jane Darden Lanier

Gloria Lapin

Bernard & Britt Lee

Adam & Barbara Licznerski

John Lindsey

Albert Losken

Rich Low

Paul Lowenstein

John & Cynthia McCraw

Mr. & Mrs. William McCoy

James Moore

Dawn Mullins

Dr. & Mrs. William Mullis

John Newsome

James Namnoum

Tom & Sarah Noel

Salvatore Pacella

Rose Randall

Genelda Reese

Tracy Pfeifer

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Pizzo

Carol Pruett

Brett Richardson

Marcia Robinson

Michelle Roughton

Ann and Brody Saxon

Hisham Seify

Daniel Sherbert

Alana Shepherd

Dr. David Stacy

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Standard


Laura Spearman

Mr. & Mrs. James Spratt

Teresa Standard

Gregory Sweetin

William Torrey

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Toporoff

Luis Vasconez

Henry Vasconez

James Wade

Holly Wall

Gail and David Watson

Ellen and Buck Wiley

Joseph Williams

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Wofford

Cindy Wu

Margie Wynne

Asaf Yalif

Richard Zienowicz

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