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Top Journal Picks October 2017
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Must-read articles chosen by the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons: October 2017


Report on Mortality from Gluteal Fat Grafting: Recommendations from the ASERF Task Force
Mofid MM, Teitelbaum S, Suissa D, Ramirez-Montañana A, Astarita DC, Mendieta C, Singer R. Aesth Surg J., 37(7);796-806: July 2017 

A sobering report of a survey of over 600 plastic surgeons worldwide, including almost 200,000 surgical cases of gluteal fat grafting. 32 fatalities and 103 non-fatal episodes of fat emboli are reported. Fat injections into the deep muscle and using cannulae smaller than 4 mm were correlated to fat emboli.

Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in Australia and New Zealand: High-Surface-Area Textured Implants Are Associated with Increased Risk
Loch-Wilkinson A, Beath KJ, Knight RJW, Wessels WLF, Magnusson M, Papadopoulos T, Connell T, Lofts J, Locke M, Hopper I, Cooter R, Vickery K, Joshi PA, Prince HM, Deva AK. Plast Reconst Surg. 140(4):645-654, October 2017 

A report of 55 cases of implant-associated ALCL in Australia and New Zealand over a 9 year period. Implant-specific risk was calculated revealing a correlation with higher-surface-area textured implants. Risk of developing breast implant-associated ALCL was found to be 14.11 times higher with Biocell textured implants and 10.84 higher with polyurethane (Silimed) textured implants compared with Siltex textured implants.

The “Sandwich Therapy”: A Microsurgical Integrated Approach for Presternal Keloid Treatment
Zeng, Ang MD; Song, Kexin MD; Zhang, Mingzi MD; Men, Quancang MD; Wang, Youbin MD; Zhu, Lin MD; Liu, Zhifei MD Ann Plast Surg. 79(3):280-285, September 2017. 

A series of 12 patients with massive disfiguring sternal keloids were treated with preradiotherapy, resection and free fasciocutaneous flap, donor site radiotherapy, and final presternal radiotherapy. No recurrences were seen at 12 months follow up.


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