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Must-read articles chosen by the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons:

October 2019

Recognizing Racial Heterogeneity in the Latino Nose: Aesthetic Concepts for an Individualized Approach

Perez, Justin L. M.D.; Mohan, Raja M.D.; Rohrich, Rod J. M.D.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: October 2019 - Volume 144 - Issue 4 - p 857-867

The authors present a thorough aesthetic description of the latino nose and its common characteristics based on a series of 60 patients.  The authors present a strategy to meet patients’ goals while preserving racial congruity.  Common surgical maneuvers for these patients are presented in a series of case reports and an exceptional series of videos to guide management of a large patient population with underrepresentation in the literature.




A Simplified Cost-Utility Analysis of Inpatient Flap Monitoring after Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction and Implications for Hospital Length of Stay

Jablonka, Eric M. M.D.; Lamelas, Andreas M. M.D.; Kanchwala, Suhail K. M.D.; Rhemtulla, Irfan M.D.; Smith, Mark L. M.D.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: October 2019 - Volume 144 - Issue 4 - p 540e-549e

A retrospective review of a large database containing 1813 patients who underwent microsurgical breast reconstruction was performed to determine the cost-effectiveness of postoperative flap monitoring.   A rigorous cost-utility analysis was performed and showed that at the authors’ rate of flap takeback (2.4%), routine flap monitoring beyond hospital day 2 is not cost-effective. 



Objective Comparison of Nasojugal Fold Depth and Lower Eyelid Length After Fat Excision Versus Fat Transpositional Lower Blepharoplasty

Sathyadeepak Ramesh, MD,  Robert A Goldberg, MD,  Allan E Wulc, MD, Alan B Brackup, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 39, Issue 10, October 2019, Pages 1048–1054

A series of 60 patients was reviewed who underwent lower lid blepharoplasty either with fat excision or fat transposition into a preperiosteal plane.  Improvement in pretarsal orbicularis definition were seen in both techniques.  Excisional blepharoplasty resulted in a greater degree of lid shortening while transpositional blepharoplasty resulted in more improvement to the lid-cheek junction.  Authors conclude that understanding of the indications and facility in both techniques are essential for success



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