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Advance professional excellence, quality education, and regional collegiality.

As leaders and members of the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, we are committed to promoting the following values:

We value our colleagues and respect their views.

We advocate and emulate high ethical standards in our work and relationships.

Family Oriented
A cornerstone within our organization reflected during our Annual Meetings.

We are working to help create the future directions of Plastic Surgery.

A value that we embrace and recognize as part of our professional interactions.

Educational Mission Statement

The Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (SESPRS) is committed to maintaining professional excellence in the specialty through quality education. The Society recognizes the breadth of the specialty and that the educational needs of its Members are varied. Our strategy to improve surgeon competence and patient outcome in our Membership is reflected in educational meeting content. To that end, three educational opportunities are available to the Membership each year.

Content Area:
The goal of all of the educational programs is to provide the attending surgeon with increased knowledge in the specialty with particular emphasis on obtaining excellent results while minimizing and managing complications. The Oculoplastic Symposium and the Breast Surgery Symposium are focused on their respective anatomic areas in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The Annual Meeting has a broader scope. The field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery encompasses a wide variety of congenital anomalies, repair of traumatic injuries, surgical treatment of a wide variety of tumors, as well as the entire field of cosmetic surgery. The educational needs of the Membership in these many areas vary based upon the level of experience, type of practice, and personal interest areas.

Target Audience:
The highly focused Oculoplastic and Breast Surgery Symposia are designed to appeal not only to the Membership of the Society, but to a national and even International audience as well. In recent years the Breast Surgery Symposium has been transmitted via the World Wide Web. Recognizing the educational opportunities available via the Internet the Society is exploring the idea of live Spanish translation of its Breast Surgery Symposium.

The primary target audience for the Annual Meeting is the membership of the SESPRS. Secondary targets include participating Plastic Surgery Residents and membership staff.

Types of Activities:
All three of the continuing medical education venues offered by the Society include presentations by recognized experts. The Atlanta Oculoplastic and Breast Symposia feature individual presentations and panels presented by national and international experts in the respective areas. A unique highlight of the Breast Surgery Symposium is the live surgery segment. Four different surgical cases are presented through all of the various phases of surgical decision-making. Adding to the educational content is the one year follow up session where the surgical results are analyzed by both the patient and meeting attendees.

The Annual Meeting consists of twelve papers presented during the Resident competition, Member papers on a wide variety of plastic surgery topics, and focused presentations and panels always including practice management and patient safety topics. In recent years optional focused teaching courses have been added to the program. Since 2015 an MOC course has been incorporated into the program.

Expected Results:
The expected results are two-fold. First and foremost, we expect that increased knowledge will lead to improved diagnostic and therapeutic skills by attendees, thereby minimizing complications and optimizing patient outcomes. Improved patient outcome is both subjective and objective. An objective measurement would be reduced rates of re-operation/revision. Some attendees will find that the program content validates their current practices. Others will be challenged to rethink their patient management decisions and adapt new techniques and strategies.

The second expected result is surgeon specific and will be reflected in improved rates of passage of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). This is a measurable outcome.

Approved by the SESPRS Executive Committee 9/2013
Updated January 2016

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